“The Van With No Name”

1987 Ford Club Wagon XLT (1/2 ton, V8 302ci)

“Cock of the Fleet” (RIP)

1977 Dodge Tradesman B200 (3/4 ton, V8 360ci)


Some poor Gibson that’s been torn to shit

Homebrew Telecaster clone

Custom JTM45 clone

Homebrew 2 x 12 w/ one Weber Silver Bell and one Celestion Vintage 30


2002 Fender Toronado (s/n 000061)

Homebrew Stratocaster clone

1965 Fender Bandmaster (s/n A31469)

Homebrew 2 x 12 w/ Vintage 30s


Homebrew Jazz Bass clone

1980 Kramer XKB-10 aluminum neck (s/n A6935)

A gutted Traynor TS-100B preamp section, modified to TS-50B specs and rack mounted

Crown CSL 800 power amp (325W x 2)

(2) Dietz-style/TL606 1 x 15 clones


1973 Slingerland set (14/18/24), wrapped in copper

WorldMax Black Dawg (5 x 14)

14″ Zildjian hi-hats

18″ Zildjian medium crash

21″ Zildjian sweet ride


Traynor TS-50B

Kustom solid state boat anchor

Pictures coming soon. And by “soon”, I mean probably never.